What Makes Hopkins Village Belize A Unique Vacation Destination?

There’s a lot that makes Hopkins Village special. Located on the beautiful Belizean coast, this charming fishing village is home to fascinating Garifuna culture, with stunning natural beauty, and adventures all around.

Although you’ll find every home comfort you need in Hopkins, this is a village that’s yet to be discovered by mass tourism. So make sure you visit soon to appreciate its uniquely authentic vibe.

Hopkins was recently named the friendliest village in Belize too, so you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome!
Garifuna People In Hopkins Village
One of the standout aspects of Hopkins is its population, which is largely made up of Garifunas. These are descendants of Caribbean and West African people who were, depending on which source you believe, either shipwrecked or escaped from slavery.

Now mainly found in coastal Central American locations, as well as in the USA and Canada, it’s estimated there are around 500,000 Garifunas worldwide.
Unique Garifuna Culture
Hopkins Village is Belize’s number one cultural destination and it’s one of the best places to discover the Garifuna way of life.

Drumming is an extremely important part of Garifuna culture, helping to maintain links with the population’s African heritage. You will hear drumming everywhere you go in Hopkins, and it really is the heartbeat of the village.

Music, song, and dance are also prevalent in Garifuna culture, telling stories of the population’s heritage that visitors can understand without speaking the language.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities in Hopkins to enjoy and learn about culture, as well as discovering Garifuna food, which incorporates African influences into traditional Belizean dishes.
Hopkins Belize’s Caribbean Beaches
There are miles of beautiful Caribbean beaches in the Hopkins area, and they are considered among the best in Belize. It’s not called ‘the coast with the most’ for nothing!

The good news is that Belize’s beaches are all public, meaning you can find your perfect spot of fine, golden sand – perhaps under the shade of a palm – and enjoy a beach day for free. And, unlike busier Dangriga to the north and Placencia to the south, you may only have to share Hopkins beach with the local fishermen bringing in their day’s catch.
Marine and Jungle Adventures Near Hopkins
Close to Hopkins Village, you can discover a whole host of adventures that will impress wildlife lovers, adrenaline junkies, and dive fans alike.

A half-hour boat trip from Hopkins will take you out to the Mesoamerican barrier reef, which is the second-largest in the world and makes for an unforgettable diving or snorkeling trip.

You can also take a boat cruise on the nearby Monkey River, where you’ll likely spot howler monkeys, toucans, manatees, and maybe even crocodiles.

For adventure-seekers, there’s a wide range of options here. Ziplining is a popular activity, or you could try waterfall rappelling. To channel your inner explorer, there are ATV tours available that explore the region’s jungles.

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